Exploring Our Faith Through Art

The pandemic has given us a gift with the potential to enrich the church far beyond the limits of our enforced separation. As we have been thrust into new levels of virtual communication, our imaginations are expanding as we increasingly seek to enrich online experiences visually.

With this in mind, we are developing a multi-generational Art Ministry at BAUMC. As we begin to look at how this ministry might take shape, we have identified two goals.

Initially, we would like to invite any member who has been making art during the pandemic to share your work with us, and allow us to share it with the congregation by showcasing it during our online/live stream worship services. We wish to enrich our online presentations with offerings from our members. Artistic photos, drawings, computer art, and more are an immediate need. All are welcome- amateur dabblers or professional artists; seasoned practitioners or new students. All ages and all visual media are welcome- photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, multimedia, fiber arts, glasswork...your imagination is the limit. 

The longer-term goal is to identify those who may be interested in forming a ministry focused on Exploring Our Faith Through Visual ArtsWe envision this group meeting perhaps once a month to share a period of study supplemented by scriptures, hymn texts, or other readings. Then, each person is encouraged to go out on one’s own to develop a concept artistically. When we met again, everyone would be encouraged to share their discoveries, work, and responses, as each person feels ready, to continue the discussion of our faith expressed visually.

Gathering images to be used for Sunday Worship online is the greatest need right now as we seek to enrich our worship experience. To share your artwork with us and the BAUMC congregation, contact Devon Payne

If you have are interested in participating in the Exploring Our Faith Through Visual Arts group, or finding out more about either of these efforts, contact Kathy Toole or Devon .

Thanks for sharing your gifts with our community.